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You will easily learn:

- Introduction to vermiculture
- Biology of Eisenia foetida
- The place where worms are breed
- Eisenia foetida breeding
- Applied vermiculture

* Bed insemination and breeding evolution. Alimentation.
* Breeding conduction: periodic addition, food dosing, automatic insemination.
* Exploitation handling regarding the different breeding modalities (domestic, farm - industrial, solid urban residues treatment)
* Extraction (harvest), vermicomposite harvest and processing.
* Sickness and worm's enemies.
* Frequent problems. How to prevent and fix them.
* The different food types and addition rhythms.
* Methodology confidence.
* Sickness and worm's enemies.
* Choosing the right worm.

...and much more useful tips included on this course.
The Correct way to Learn Vermiculture

  To set up my worm farm obtaining the highest yield, I need to know the right way to do it. I need to know which are the best techniques or methods for my zone. Also, I need to know the secrets that make the difference between someone who just breeds worms and a successful breeder who improves the 100% of his/her worm farm.

  It is vital to have updated information. Science and technology are constantly making changes in the way to develop a worm farm.
Each one of these changes helps to improve the yields, making a difference between a person who takes advantage of them, and a person who is still using the "old technique".
The modalities of breeding and farming management of today are very distinct from the manners which were used ten years ago. I need to know how to carry out a project NOWADAYS, not a decade ago.
I need to know the secrets that make the difference between someone who just breeds worms, and a successful breeder who improves the 100% of his/her worm farm.

  Have you already got a worm farm? Well ... you can do it better!
You will be surprised about how much you can improve your yield.

  If you count on updated information, you not only will save time and money wasted in experimental "tests" or losses (death or worms escapes) caused by lack of experience. You will also avoid to be scammed with the promise of great business with very high yields. When you decide to buy your worms, you have to have at least a good base of knowledge to avoid any problem or misunderstanding. You should know exactly what are you buying, and you should know which is the most appropriate moment to buy the worms. You also have to prepare the breeding place for them, and to have some available composted food. You should be ready to start the productive chain at once.

  You will know exactly what to do, and how to handle in each step of the process to get the maximum advantages to your worm farm.

That is exactly what we teach in our
"International Vermiculture course (PDF format)"

Vermiculture - International course in PDF format

This course was developed by Doctor Miguel Schuldt* (expert in Reproductive Biology of Invertebrates) and it will give you all the necessary tools to enter through the big door to the vermiculture world.

You will be guided step by step, learning each one of the aspects in an easy and practical way. (view content)

You can acquire it right now with your credit card. Value: $47 (US dollars)
The whole course is contained in a 2,5Mb PDF file, and you can have it in minutes!

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