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Vermiculture (Worm farming) manual:
Designated to any person interested in intensive earth worms breeding and the care of our planet ... >>

Discussion board:
Use this tool (forum) to get in touch with breeders from all around the world, exchange experiences, make questions, read some comments ...>>

Welcome to "ManualdeLombricultura.com" (Manual of Vermiculture), with the contributions of many producers from around the world, this website had been growing to became, nowadays, a powerful tool. Here you will find very useful information to know and understand this activity; to buy specific products (wholesale and retail); to learn with professionals; to get in touch with other people related with vermiculture; or simply, to offer and sell your own products, and more ...

  Californian red worm
If you do not know anything about Vermiculture, check the "Manual" section, you may find there general information about the Californian Red Worm, historic data, useful advices to make a small breeding place, or some advices to acquire the right worms to breed, etc.. >>
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 Worldwide producers list
If you want to get in touch with a producer close to your home, check
the "Ww. List" section. You can check there many lists of registered breeders by countries, or just search by city, state, names, or any other characteristics... >>

 Vermiculture courses through the Internet
(teaching) If you want to learn with biology-ecology professionals, check the "Courses" section. These classes dictated on Internet are orientated to any person who want to acquire scientific and technological knowledge at the present time, they will be very useful for begineers and producers who want to improve their productivity ... >>
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 Worms, humus, ...
If you're interested in buying worms, worm's humus, or any other related product, you will find here advices to make the right decision at the time to make an invest. Besides, you can check the "Products" section, where you will find offers from qualified producers, who have the best prices of the market in wholesale or retail.
If you want to Import products or worms to your country, check the "Wholesale" section.

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