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It is vital to have updated information. Science and technology are constantly making changes in the way to develop a worm farm.
Each one of these changes helps to improve the yields.
The Correct way to Learn Vermiculture

Miguel SCHULDT, Doctor in Natural Sciences, with orientation in Zoology, Natural Science College and Museum (La Plata National University, Argentina), researcher of the CONICET, specialized in reproductive biology of invertebrates. From 1970 participates in ecologic researches, directing these projects since 1984. The results and advances in the activity motives expositions in different events and institutions, undertakings, and publications. Have integrated organisms of conduction in the LPNU in redaction with the technology transfer, so like works of extension related to the application of clean biotechnologies, including diversity of courses (vermiculture between them), giving technical support for solid urban, agricultural, and industrial residues handling to producers, public entities, private, and many cities.

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