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The red Californian earthworm

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If you want to know what this activity is about, see the basic information section, there you will find general information about the red Californian earthworm, historical data, useful tips for a small breeding place, tips for acquiring worms, and so on.

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Tips to acquire earthworms and humus

If you want to acquire earthworms, earthworm humus, or other related products, here you will find tips for making appropriate decisions when buying. In addition, you can consult the Products section, where you will find offers of qualified producers, which, being organized and regulated by local cooperatives, have the best wholesale and retail prices.

Online Courses

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If you want to learn all the secrets and seriously educate yourself with professionals in biology-ecology, see the Courses section. These courses dictated through the Internet are intended for anyone wishing to acquire the scientific and technological knowledge currently available, which will be of great use to both beginners and worm growers who wish to increase their productivity