Principles and Foundations of Organic Agriculture:

Current demands of the global food market:

That of "being" and "not appearing" is nowadays a basic rule in the food market. If before the appearance, color, texture and flavor, were the big letters of presentation of the alimentary products that were transacted in the developed markets, now such arguments are insufficient for their commercialization.

The growing concern of consumers informed by the safety of the food they purchase has led the large supermarket chains to demand much stronger guarantees in the products they sell. The scrutinizing look in search of the least indication of contamination, which previously only reached the port of embarkation, when more packing, now extends to the same site, where production is obtained.

Know what region, province, commune, property, pasture, comes the product, with what water was irrigated, what phytosanitary applications received, what postharvest treatments were given, are requirements that to date are already being demanded by the big marketers . Today, the large supermarket chains, which in the near future will be the main, perhaps only, way of marketing food products, condition their suppliers to meet consumer demands.

Just as before a consumer in a supermarket chose a fruit by virtue of its shape, color or texture, currently his decision is much more neat. The traditional gesture of taking a product, taking it to the nose and pressing it with the fingers to check its maturity, is replaced by a much more precise operation. With a bar reader, check on the label attached to the product, data such as variety, place of origin, type of fertilizers applied, irrigation water used, day and time of harvest, packaging, travel time, among other indicators.

Currently, the consumer can travel, with that simple gesture, the entire productive or agri-food chain of the product, from the farm to your table. Undoubtedly, your choice is currently leaning towards the healthiest and most innocuous product. Only that food that gives indisputable guarantees of quality, safety and health, throughout its process, passes its rigorous scrutiny, being the consumer, who through their demands, defines what and how to produce and how much is willing to pay for the product .