Importance of Organic Agriculture:

The development of an efficient and sustainable agriculture, a healthy population and the conservation of the foundations of life, demand favoring the option of an agriculture that promotes practices and techniques friendly to the environment, where synthetic agrochemicals, all toxic in greater or lesser degree, they are definitely excluded.

Organic agriculture is a form of production, based on respect for the environment, to produce healthy food of the highest quality and in sufficient quantity, using as a model to nature itself, relying on current scientific and technical knowledge. The development of organic agriculture seeks the permanent recovery of the affected natural resources, for the benefit of humanity.

Organic agriculture is oriented to provide a clean and balanced environment, enhance the productive capacity and natural fertility of soils, optimize the recycling of nutrients, natural control of pests and diseases.

Therefore, it is necessary to promote and implement the techniques and practices of organic agriculture, for the benefit of human and animal health, and environmental protection in general.